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Indian man kills wife to have children with male lover

Wednesday, December 5, 2018 • Tamil Comments

A gay pharmacist strangled his wife hoping to cash in on her life insurance and get away with the murder to start a new life with his gay lover in Australia.

The accused, Mitesh Patel, injected his wife Jessica Patel with insulin to dampen her struggles and then choked her with a Tesco bag at their Middlesbrough home in May this year. He was hoping to make £2 million from her death, and fly down to Sydney where his lover Dr. Amit Patel resides, and start a family with him and the frozen embryos he had taken from his wife.

He had been plotting to kill her for years and even staged a burglary to make his home look ransacked. But the investigators figured out his devious motives when they examined his movements on the iPhone Health App of his phone.

Apparently, Jessica was aware of the fact that Patel used to have casual sex with men on a regular basis. He had even mentioned to his lover, Dr. Amit Patel, through a text message once that he married Jessica because she was in love with him and it would be a good cover for his true sexuality. His motive had always been to escape his strict Hindu upbringing, without letting his family in on the fact that he is gay.

Following a trial in Teesside Crown Court on Tuesday, he was convicted of murder and has been jailed for life with a minimum term of 30 years.