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Kaashmora Music Review

Kaashmora Music Review
Dream Warrior Pictures
Karthi, Nayantara and Sri Divya, Vivek, Siddharth Vipin, Jangiri Madhumitha,
Pearl V. Potluri, Param V. Potluri Kavin Anne
Santhosh Narayanan
Curiously imaginative
Saturday, October 8, 2016 • Telugu Comments

The album has lyrics by Chandrabose, Vennelakanti, Bhuvanachandra and Rakendu Mouli, all of whom seemingly dig deep into the theme and characters.  MLR Karthikeyan, Ananthu, Kalpana Raghavendar, Saicharan and Santhosh Narayanan are the singers.

Dhukku Dhukku Saar

Artiste: MLR Karthikeyan
Lyricist: Chandrabose

The first song of this album rolls out as a jazz number. Starting with an echoing chorus, the song is set in a steady rhythm, and delivers an irreverent rendition style.  In MLR Karthikeyan's Westernized voice, the song vividly smells retro, reminiscent of disco numbers of a bygone era.  Chandrabose's lyrics dish out thoughtful lines in his characteristic style.  Santhosh Narayanan's beats are in the mold of a particular genre, as mentioned already.


Artiste: Ananthu
Lyricist: Vennelakanti

Be it the rich dab of pop, or Ananthu's cutting voice, or the sheer pace of its flow, the song is highly energetic. Adding value to its zest are the funky lyrics that rhyme and fall right on the dot every time.  A foot-tapping number penned by Vennelakanti, it comes with rib-tickling/folkish phrases like 'Shakini tho night ku chatting, Dakini tho daily meeting' and 'Asha dosa appadam voda ra'.

Oyaa Oyaa

Artiste: Kalpana Raghavendar
Lyricist: Bhuvanachandra

The first and only romantic song of the album, this female solo is a classical erotic number. With the percussion typical of classical Carnatic of the yore, the deep and sensual beats, complemented by Kalpana's strong voice, complement one another. Bhuvanachandra's lyrics steal the show with the creative usage of rhythmic and ear-soothing choice of words.  Turning not vulgar and slimy, the song delicately treads the thin line of erotica.

Thakida Thakida

Artiste: Saicharan, Santhosh Narayanan
Lyricist: Rakendu Mouli

At the concluding note, comes a power-packed fighter cock. Worded to fit rage best, the song is set to a high-energy rock. While most of the song is sung by Sai,  Santhosh joins in chorus in parts; together, they deliver a zealous number in fast pace. Rakendu Mouli's lyrics drive home a feeling of the fast action typical of a warrior at the war front, especially at a time of dire necessity.  Phrases like 'Mullokalika kuyyo morro' are curiously creative.

Verdict:  For a genre (dark fantasy) like this, Santosh Narayanan's music pushes the envelope.  Due credit should be given to director Gokul's vision and conceptualization.  'Dhukku Dhukku Saar', 'Jagadamba' and 'Thakida Thakida are eminently story-oriented; just goes to show the director means business.  The songs are catchy - lyrically, vocally and musically.  With two karaoke tracks thrown in, this is a delightful album.

Rating: 3.25/5