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Eight super creepy facts about Kim Jong-un!

Friday, August 9, 2019 • Tamil Comments
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Kim Jon-un. The name alone is enough to make one freeze. He is a man feared, man revered in North Korea. Rest of the world, don’t ask us. If you’ve got no clue about whom we’re talking about maybe you should Google his name. If you feel too lazy to, here are some weird, creepy and sometimes hilariously scary facts about the world’s youngest dictator.

Owner of the ambitious haircut

Well, can anybody think of an ambitious haircut? Why so silent? There is actually one and it’s on the top of Kim’s head. Yes his haircut is called ‘Ambitious’ and we guess it's a lot popular in North Korea. Now you’ll know when an ambitious man walks past you in the street by his mere haircut alone.

So, when was he born?

Easy peasy. Kim was born in 1981. Nope, 1982. Eh…we think it is 1983. Okay, we admit. We don’t know. It’s because nobody knows. Actually, his date of birth is in 1982 so that he could look more mature and old to resemble a ruler. Some peeps belonging to the Korean intelligence however say that Kim was actually born two years later in 1984.

What's his favourite game?

Basketball. He’s a fan of the sport and even friends with the noted basketball player Dennis Rodman. Guess what, some people tell he used to draw pictures of Michael Jordan when he was in school.

'Always cheery' Kim?

You may have come to know of him as a scary man feared all over the world. But have you also noticed that almost all of his photos have him only smiling cheerfully? Cute or outright creepy, you decide.

No shit!

This is the most popular fact(oops?) that Kim is famous for. Legend has it that the people of North Korea believe that Kim never poops or pees. Same goes for his father Kim Jong- il. Okay just to make things clear, we didn’t make it up. It’s what his official biography says. What can we say, like father like son right?  

Sexiest man alive

Gulp. Okay, we decided to publish this story. Why not go the whole nine yards? Kim was stated as the Sexiest Man Alive in 2012 by The Onion. The description read as: "With his devastatingly handsome round face, his boyish charm, and his strong, sturdy frame, this Pyongyang-bred heartthrob is every woman’s dream come true."

Read that twice so that it could sink in.

PS: Onion is a satirical news source.

Plastic surgery for what?

Even the sexiest man on the earth couldn’t hold himself back from going under the knife to change his appearance. But not for pure vanity. He underwent the plastic surgery so he could resemble his grandfather Kim Il Sung.

 No more AIDS and cancer

Perhaps in a bid to make the country’s image soar, North Korea claimed that it has the cure for AIDS and cancer. The wonder drug supposedly also cures ebola. However, scientists belonging to the country has reportedly refused to reveal the details of the drug which is called Kumdang 2.

Well, hope we have weirded you out. If not yet, we suggest you do a YouTube search on North Korea. And don’t be shy, comment your opinions below!

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