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Lakshmi Raave Maa Intiki Music Review

Lakshmi Raave Maa Intiki Music Review
Giridhar Production House
Naga Shourya, Avika gor, Vennela Kishore, Rao Ramesh, Sr.Naresh, Kashi Vishwanath, Sapthagiri, Sathyam Rajesh, Nalla Venu, Pragathi, Pavithra Lokesh, Anitha Chowdary, Vidya Rao, Bhagavan, Sasidhar
Nandyala Ravi
Giridhar Mamidipally
K.M.Radha Krishna
Lakshmi Raave Maa Intiki
Radhakrishnan is back
Tuesday, November 18, 2014 • Telugu Comments

This album with eight numbers is sure to be on the chartbusters for some time to come.  Selecting a range of talented singers and lyricists, the musician makes it a complete album.

For those of you who love mass masala stuff, this is not the one.  'Lakshmi Raave Maa Intiki' is for music aficionados who have an intent ear for music.


Artist: KM Radhakrishnan
Lyricists: Bhaskarabhatla Ravikumar

'Devatalle' is an excellent rendition by Radhakrishnan.  Bhaskarabhatla's lyrics may have followed a beaten path in terms of the similes and using English words and gadget jargon but still the simplicity is enjoyable.  Radhakrishnan's mellifluous music properly elevates the song.  The musician as singer serves to make the number all the more natural.

Kaatuka Diddina

Artist: Hemachandra
Lyricists: Bhaskarabhatla Ravikumar

Bhaskarabhatla's creative play with words is quite evocative.  The language is sans any modern lingo or slang and this particular feature makes this number all the more memorable.  Hemachandra's able rendition brings 'Kaatuka Diddina' both old-world charm and modish flavour.

Aa Venneledaina

Artist: Hemachandra, Sunitha
Lyricists: Vanamali

The melodious number is a throwback to Anand-kinda music.  Surely the kind of kind that interests music aficionados.  Vanamali's chaste lyrics lend the needed purity.  Hemachandra proves a good substitute to Radhakrishnan.  Sunitha delivers one of her career best songs.  All in all, 'Aa Venneledaina' is a treat to all music connoisseurs.

Entha Sogasu

Artists: Gayatri Narayan
Lyricists: Vanamali

This one sounds like a Godavari number rip-off.  Nevertheless, Gayatri Narayan's symphonious rendition makes it a song worthy of listening more times than the musical quality might warrant.

Raava Maa Intidaka

Artist: Deepu
Lyricists: Bhaskarabhatla Ravikumar

The song is surely inspired by classical music and maybe, it even has a congenital link with some 'kirtana'.  Deepu's youthful vocals make it sure that it reaches out to the youngsters.  Bhaskarabhatla's lyrics sound rather juvenile at times, that is, juvenile for the musical intensity.


Artist: Srikrishna
Lyricists: Bhaskarabhatla Ravikumar

The boy here compares himself with 'chandamama' and this is definitely quite imaginative.  Bhaskarabhatla's lyrics give a vent to the boy's heartfelt feelings in chaste expression.  Srikrishna's refreshing vocals is a welcome addition to this album with a collection of reputable singers.  Radhakrishnan's music is definitely inspired but that doesn't take away from the number's credibility.

Amma Kadupu Challanaa

Artist: Sri Devi
Lyricist: Vanamali

The devotional ditty-like number gives a sense of deja vu.  Other than playing up Sri Devi's talent, it doesn't serve much.  Vanamali's lyrical genius comes to the fore, though.

Venu Gaana Lolude

Artist: Sunitha
Lyricist: Vanamali

This one, too, is a rip-off of an earlier song.  Sunitha's singing uniqueness needs no introduction, and this one comes to the fore here.  Vanamali's knack for penning lyrics with poetic imagination is there for everyone to see.

Verdict: The album is for lovers of superior but old-style cinema music.  Radhakrishnan's good output is sure to make it to the chartubusters.

Rating: 3/5