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Maha Andamga Vunnavani Bhayam Music Review

Maha Andamga Vunnavani Bhayam Music Review
New Entertainment
Bharat, Mallika Kapoor, Arun Kumar, Deepu
Vijay Milton
Bunny Vasu, Sumanth, D Maruthi Sivathma
Yuanshankar Raja
Funky rhythms
Wednesday, May 17, 2006 • Telugu Comments

One conundrum that those behind dubbed films face is on songs. What do you do with songs created for one set of audience, and how do you fit them to another set? But when the songs speak of universal ideas of love and fun, then there is no major problem. Maha doesn't face that problem as Yuvan Shankar Raja has come up with tunes that appeal to all sensibilities.

It is a romantic movie and the songs fit the bill perfectly.

1. Thappuko Naayina

It is almost like Sehwag and Dhoni starting the innings. Full of funky fireworks. This mass number is crooned by Devan, Premji, Yuvan Shankar Raja. It has multiple forms and doesn't fit into a single genre. The song is combined into one strand by the brilliant orchestration. The number seems to be situational. In that its appeal maybe limited. But there is a natural feel of melody inherent in it (despite the ornate orchestration).

2. Operation Tuzkan

Naveen starts off in a Bond-like mystery aura. Then there is a rock and roll like blend. It is a situational number and full of fun (with a radio ad thrown in for good measure). The instrumentation reflects the genius of Yuvan, and as he troops off to some heavy folksy ditty in between, the song just grows on you. Harini and Malathi add their own kind of music.

3. Aakurale Kalam

The number starts with a seemingly tribal ditty. And it rings in beautifully. Then a catchy rhythm takes over. The attraction of the number lies in its simplicity and easy instrumentation. Harini is dulcet-voiced. Naveen and Ranjith give the right back-up. The melody is even and easy-paced. In the event, what you have is a energetic and enlivening number.

4. Kalale Karigenule

The haunting start slowly engulfs you. Yuvan sings with Rahman-like affectation. His warbling is distant, but appealing. The tune is uncomplicated. The instrumentation is minimal and that adds to its essential mystique. On a lonely night, the song can be disturbing, and appealing.

5. O Priya

The start 'O Priya' will place the song in context. It is another love number. But the style and tempo are not what you will generally expect. It is slow, almost ponderous. But it has a huge feel. Karthik has magic in his voice and the music director has used that well. Yuvan also fits in his high-pitched crooning, for what it is worth.

If you like fun, you'll like this album.