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Manikyam Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, March 2, 2015 • മലയാളം ]
Manikyam Review
Sahil Suni, Ajaya Ghosh, Sree Laya, Janardhanan, Indranse, Sethu Lekshmi, Sindhu Jacob, Rajmohan Unnithan, Rama Varma
R J Prasad
Sajitha Ghosh
M.S.Sheikh Ellahi

At a time when there is dearth of literary adaptations in Mollywood, which made fine classics in the past, here comes one in the form of the new movie ‘Manikyam’ based on the original tale by Jnanpeeth recipient S K Pottekkat. A fine attempt capturing the essence and spirit of original, the movie may satisfy the lovers of similar stuff with loaded story lines.

‘Manikyam’ is  based on the novel ‘Premashiksha’ written by Jnanpith recipient S K Pottekatt. It takes us into the life of Kunjimanikyam (Sree Laya), who is currently caught between two men. She is married to Krishnan (Ajaya Ghosh), who was more faithful to Manikyam’s father Kunjikannan (Janardhanan), when he arrived from nowhere. His reliability has made Kunjikkanan  hand off  half of  his property to Krishnan, thereby making him rich. He even marries off his own daughter to Manikyam believing in Krishnan’s truthful character. But Krishnan who has been behaving uninterestedly towards Manikyam from the very start, make her difficult to establish a doting relation with him.

Almost the same time props in a youth named Kumara Menon (Sahil Sunil). He is brought to her home by Krishnan as the Kumaran is stricken with malaria and almost at the verge of death. Krishnan starts to treat him, with Manikyam taking every step to nurse him back to life. But suddenly she also finds a chance to realise her unfulfilled love, which is now aimed towards Kumaran.

The movie makers have succeeded in creating and sustaining the spirit and charm of the original novel penned by S K Pottekatt . Though the romantic touch is maintained all along, and the old time feel is pitched in perfectly, the problem with the movie is also the same with the age old story appearing not that suited to the current tastes of the viewers. The slow paced narratives are in perfect requisite for the adaptation, which but may not be savoured well in the current times. The slow fade in and outs also add to the lag of the tale.

But as a product of translation, cinematographer Manoj Narayanan and the art directors Sunu Khadar and Anoop Apsara have worked overtime as a perfect team to give their director R J Prasad a film to cherish.The screenplay is also befitting the original tale it is based on.  In the acting side, Sree Laya, as Manikyam impresses with her fine performance and may get her rewards in some award circuits. Ajaya Ghosh is good as Krishnan while Sahil Sunil just manages with his role as Kumaran.  All the others in the cast lines including Indrans, Janardhanan, and Sethulekshmi also suit their roles.
The song “Ormayile ee mandahasam…” by M S Sheikh Ellahi is good and has been pictured well… ‘Manikyam’ is undoubtedly a faithful adaptation of S K Pottekatt’s novel. The performances are even but with no big names in the casts and with little takers for similar films, ‘Manikayam’ may not appear to have any prospects in the commercial Box Office. But if you are a lover of literature based movies, this could be a fine watch.

Rating - 6/10




Rating: 0 / 5.0

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