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Ram Music Review

Ram Music Review
Venkata Ramana Pictures
Nitin, Genelia
N. Shankar
N. Sudhakar Reddy
Just good. Stereotyped and all songs sound similar
Tuesday, March 14, 2006 • Telugu Comments

After a short lull in the industry, Ram hits the market as the first one just before summer. The audience expects a lot from Yuvan, especially when he's composing for movies with Youthful themes. This album just has an overdose of youth/energy and by the time you listen to the last song of the album, you would find it difficult to differentiate it from the rest. So, instead of providing a cool breeze in Summer, this one would just raise your temperature (for some by making them, to get onto their feet and for most others by getting onto their nerves). The best songs of the album are Kurbhani and Nuvena, and the way Kurbhani starts off is superb.

Shock 2.5* Singers: Shaan, Aanchal, Suchitra, Premji Lyrics: Chinni Charan

This is a high energy number with heavy beats and loud chorus throughout. Its difficult to follow the lyrics and Aanchal has a long way to go to in pronouncing the words clearly, Shaan does a very good job. The phrase "Perige tuphaanu beech gaa...I get Shock, shock, shock.." is very catchy and sung very well by the chorus. It takes a number of hearings to like this song, however, it will be enjoyed by the youth a lot.

Nuvena 3.5* Singers: Haricharan, Shweta Lyrics: Chandrabose

This is a melodious, romantic number that goes at a fast pace and instantly strikes a chord with you. Shweta and Haricharan sing this song very well and it is well supported by the chorus. Lyrics by Chandrabose are decent and hummable. The interludes have been composed very well and with good beats. This is the best song of the album and is a pleasant breather among too many fast paced numbers.

Made in Hyderabad 2* Singers: Shankar Mahadevan Lyrics: Chandrabose

This song starts off with good humming in a female voice followed by extremely fast beats (you will be reminded of 'Ramma chilakamma' for a short while) and even more energetic rendition by Shankar Mahadevan. This song is going to shake up everyone in the theatre and all depends on how the director introduces and fits this song. There is a risk of such songs getting onto your nerves if the scenes following or preceeding it are loud. Shankar does a very good job in singing this one and Yuvan provides ample scope for the choreographer to show off his skills. However, this is not the kind of song that people would remember once the movie is out of the theatres.

Kurbhani 3* Singers: Yuvan, Sadhana Sargam Lyrics: Bhuvanachandra

This is an out and out Yuvan special and has his stamp all over. Yuvan takes it onto himself to deliver this one and he excels, though, its difficult to identify the female voice as that of Sadhana Sargam. The song starts off with great promise, but loses its grip midway and turns out as only a good number. One can say its a wasted opportunity by Yuvan to produce an outstanding number. However, the phrase Kurbhani sticks to your mind and is going to be very popular.

Pilla Bhale 3* Singers: Tippu, Sindhani Lyrics: Bhuvanachandra

Another song like the ones before, but  it is very catchy as it has a bit of folk influence. Tippu and Sindhani sing the song very well and make it appealing. Though others are also fast beat numbers, this one can be called as a real mass number and more appealing, and could turn out to be the most popular song in the movie.


Overall, this is an above average album and more importantly all songs sound similar in style, beats and presentation. Somewhere Yuvan lost his touch in this album. There is absolutely nothing to offer from Lyricist's also. In comparison to his earlier compositions for youthful themes, Yuvan leaves a lot to be desired i