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RGV Files Case Against The Censor Officer Dhana Lakshmi
Monday, November 11, 2013 • Telugu Comments

Ram Gopal Varma filed a criminal case against the regional censor officer Dhana Lakshmi today as announced earlier, in regards to the release of his film 'Satya 2' which got released in a hurry, with several cuts and bruises as alleged by the filmmaker. The case indicates RGV's lawyer Sudheer Chandra as the petitioner and Dhana Lakshmi as the accused/respondent and after the brief introduction of both the parties, their general stature, rights and responsibilities, said

'Satya 2' was initially awarded an ‘A’ certificate with 3 minor cuts. And the same film was given as many as 40 without any rhyme and reason. The whole problem started because of the wrong attitude of the officer Mrs. Dhana Lakshmi which caused several hardships and financial losses to the complainant because of the haphazard manner it was released. When referred to the Bombay censor, she said she doesn’t care and screamed in abusive and un-parliamentary language on the complainant’s representative’

The complaint also alleged that ‘she said the producers and directors of the Telugu film industry are dogs and if anyone raises his voice, she would see to it that his film will never be released. Owing to her random demands and her negligence in maintaining office timings, the film had to be released with irritating cuts which disrupted the artistic flow of the film. These cuts were made only to satisfy her ego and with vested self interests. She has been making filmmakers kneel down and beg before her’

The complaint added ‘There is a petition pending in the Hon’ble High Court of AP challenging her appointment as the censor officer apart from many other individual producers’ allegations against her. When we went to the PS to file a case, the police declined to register the complaint citing that she is a very influential lady. So, the complaint had no other remedy except to approach this honorable court for justice’

Well, the knell is blown for sure but it will be interesting to see how long RGV will be able to sustain his pressure on the ‘Influential Lady’.