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Bizarre: Man cuts rattlesnake's head, still gets bitten fatally

Thursday, June 7, 2018 • Tamil Comments

Bizarre: Man cuts rattlesnakes head, still gets bitten severely

A man in Texas was bitten by a decapitated snake. Yes, it happened. Not only that, he also needed 26 doses of anti-venom to avert the damages caused by the snake’s poison. 

Jennifer Sutcliffe, the victim’s wife said that her husband was doing yard work near Corpus Christi when they found a four foot rattle snake. The man then beheaded the snake with with a shovel. But when he held it to get rid of it, the snake’s head bit the man.

And since the head was decapitated, the entire venom of the snake entered the man. Reportedly, snakes can still bite after an hour of getting beheaded as they have slower metabolisms. While a normal person gets 2 to 4 doses of venom, the victim here had to get 26 doses, that should explain the severity of the case. However, he is in stable condition now.