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    I am a dreamer – Nisha Kothari

    [Interview by Joginder Tuteja]
    Monday, June 12, 2006
    Nisha Kothari hasn’t rested since the time she was seen in the role of an upcoming actress in ‘Sarkar’ followed by the lead role of a model in ‘James’. A couple of numbers in ‘Darna Zaroori Hai’ have been followed by her ongoing promos for ‘The Killer’ with Emraan Hashmi that looks promising to say the least. Joginder Tuteja talks to her about her ‘James’ experience, her entry into the Bhatt camp and her song’n’dance act in ‘The Killer’ amongst other things!

    To begin with, where do you come from and what did you do before you joined the glamour industry?

    I spent some 6-7 years in Calcutta where my father was in a business and then later we came to Delhi from where I did my graduation from Delhi University. I was pretty new to the world of glamour and didn't really know much about portfolios. The first music video I got was for 'Chadti Jawaani' and then I did a Tamil film followed by a Telugu film.

    Have you ever thought that people noticed you more in a 3 scene role in 'Sarkar' rather than a lead heroine part in 'James'?

    Ya, it surprises me also because I just went ahead and did that role. I was asked if I was interested in doing that role and since it was a big film with an important scene with Mr. Big B, I said why not!? But then I am also happy for having worked in 'James' since it was my first film. Whether it ran or not is a different issue but then one is always happy about his or her first film.

    And then the least that you got out of your first film was a reasonably popular number 'Zindagi Jeene Ka Naam Hai'!

    [Laughs] Oh yes!

    I am sure you must have been asked this question a number of times but at the cost of repeating the same, isn't being a part of the Ram Gopal Verma camp an assuring enough reason for you as an actress?

    Ya, off course why not? After all it is a much respected banner. You get to play good roles in good films.

    Bhatts are always known for very strong characters for female leads in their films, most recent case being that of 'Gangster'. What kind of role do you have in ‘The Killer’, a strong personality or one of the many people in the film?

    See, in 'The Killer', all the three main characters in the film are very strong. I can't say that it is a female oriented film but ya, there is a scope for some good acting. I love the songs and I have 5 of them in the film. All the characters, including me, have an important part to play in the film!

    With great success record of Vishesh Films in the past, that can certainly be expected. So what are the kind of feelers have you got since the time promos of 'The Killer' have been out?

    Ya, everyone is saying that I am looking very good. Also I have danced and there are some which are like stage dances where there are lots of dancers in the background along with great choreography. The fact is that I am very fond of dancing.

    Talking of dances, you did have a couple of numbers in 'Darna Zaroori Hai' but the audience didn't really go very crazy about them because of a deja vu feel!

    See, in case of DZH, it was more of expressions. I was asked to concentrate more on my facial expressions since the song was shot with a lot of close-ups with less of body movements. The song was designed like that.

    So which are your songs or dances in any of your forthcoming films that come with a 'watch-out-for' tag and proclaim to be hits?

    Well, is it is going to be a hit or not is something that I can not say but obviously if you ask me as an actor I have a feeling that songs in 'The Killer' would be hits. That's the confidence that you do tend to get. Also since 'The Killer' comes from the Bhatts, the songs do promise to be good. It's not the just the two dances that I have done but at the same time three other songs i.e. a love song, a sad song and the third that is designed as a music video that are also good. It all depends upon the audience as to which song clicks with them.

    Does 'Shiva' have songs too or is it song-less films?

    Oh yes, 'Shiva' has songs in it with Ilayaraja as the music composer.

    Last but not the least, what are the kind of movies that you want to work in? What's your thought process when you sign a film?

    My thought process is primarily to look at the character that I am playing and since I am a dreamer I like to play different-different roles in each of the films I act in. I don't mind taking it slowly as long as the characters I am offered are good.

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