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'Anthariksham' offered us so much creative space: Art directors

Wednesday, December 12, 2018 • Telugu Comments

Anthariksham offered us so much creative space: Art directors

Ramakrishna Sabbani and Monika Nigotre are upbeat about having worked on 'Anthariksham', the Varun Tej-starrer due for release on December 21.  In this interview, they talk about the experience of doing a space film, what technicians look for, what gives them a high and more.  

Endless possibilities 

Doing films like this one is always enjoyable to every technician.  It's great that a film of this kind has been made in Tollywood.  Since this is a science-based project, we did adequate research.  The possibilities this space thriller has offered were endless.  We went only to the extent that was needed, like how many sections should be there in a space ship, etc.  

Practical exposure

It's easy to create something related to Earth.  But creating a space ship, etc is not easy.  One has to have practical exposure while doing research.  So, we needed time to seek permissions to visit space stations, etc.  

Being realistic is important

Even the area of the space ship can't be of a random size.  It has to be realistic.  Costumes change when astronauts move from one section of the ship into the next.  No set in the movie is normal.  We did almost the entire film in the set erected at Annapurna Studios.  Shooting in gravity conditions was an exciting part.  Every aspect of the film was a distinct experience.  

No references

I don't take reference in erecting a set for any film.  Be it for this film or for 'Rangasthalam', we didn't take.  The space industry in India is not up to the level in Western countries.  So, we couldn't have copied a Hollywood movie for 'Anthariksham'.

It was a quick wrap  

An art director is never satisfied till the end.  On the location, too, we keep observing the monitor to make sure we have missed no details.  In the case of 'Anthariksham', budget too was limited.  We worked on it for 70 days, the shortest time in our career.  This is a very technical movie and it might have taken much, much longer.  The director was very clear from the beginning.  

Monika (Ramakrishna's wife) multi-tasks

She takes care of the family as well as the profession. We have a two-year-old baby.  She worked very hard on 'Rangasthalam' when our baby was just 5 months old.  

Appreciation is like an award

'Rangasthalam' has boosted our confidence a lot.  We are now visible.  It was our 18th movie.  We finally got recognition after working equally hard on every film.  When big people like Chiranjeevi garu appreciate us, they are like awards.  It's more than enough.  'Andala Rakshasi' and 'Sahasam' were also by us.  More than awards, we technicians look for appreciation.  Maybe, had we got appreciation years ago, we would have done more important films.  

Have to work within limitations

Every project has its limitations.  Time and money, both matter.  'Anthariksham' needed a lot of time, but we could complete it fast.  Satellites, working stations, space ships - they were all completed fast.  Helmets and all were prepared by ourselves. This film required much CG as well.  

Small films, too, are challenging

With small films, our responsibility goes up.  We do a couple of films every year out of a desire to work with a particular director or on a subject.  We can handle a small film, we can handle a behemoth.  

That's why left 'NTR'

We did the first schedule.  The 'Dana Veera Soora Karna' set was erected by us.  Because of the delay in finding a new director, we couldn't work on the film anymore.  

Doing 'Rocketry' has been great

We are doing 'Rocketry', the multi-lingual starring Madhavan.  He got impressed with our work on 'Savyasachi' and roped us in.  I like robotics and such works.  It's rare that films like 'Rocketry' and 'Anthariksham' happen.  Any technician can have creative fulfillment doing such films.

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