10 Blockbuster Tamil Films of 2015

The Rocking Kollywood Villains of 2015

The hero is only as big as the villain and without a worthy opponent the protagonist can never shine. Here we give you the list of the best antagonist performances of 2015 which has been a year when more than a few evergreen Heroes turned villains and took the cake away from the heroes. Hail the villains!



Coming from the proven combo of Shankar and Vikram the film had humungous promotions and Vikram's commitment to reduce and increase body weight for the three drastically different getups he sported in the film, became a talking point even before the release of the film. Post release the film drew mixed reviews. Critics felt that the script did not match the standards set by a maverick filmmaker Shankar. However Vikram's extraordinary performance and technical brilliance made kept the audience hooked and the film become a blockbuster that collected Rs.225 crores against Rs.110 crore investment.



If the smallest of small can co-exist with the biggest of big in the real world why not in cinema. 'Darling' the Tamil remake of Telugu horror comedy 'Prema Katha Chithram' starring G.V.Prakash, Nikki Galrani and Shrusthi Dange in lead roles. All the three are new faces appearing on the screen and the director Sam Anton was also debutante. But the film found its place in the heart of audience as it provided. The film made on a small budget Rs.10 crores has reportedly collected Rs.32 crores at the box office which makes it a blockbuster.

'Kanchana 2'

Kanchana 2

Raghava Lawrence's 'Kanchana' is the film which can be considered as the first horror-comedy which is now a popular and preferred genre in Kollywood and the film was a surprise blockbuster of 2011. After four years gap the second part of the film was released. 'Kanchana 2' just retained the rollicking comedy and horror element that make you scream as its predecessor and the results were even bigger. 'Kanchana 2' was the mass masala all class blockbuster of the year. The film had a long run in theatres across all localities. The film is a huge blockbuster in the sense that it was made with Rs.17 crores and collected Rs.100 crores.

'O Kadhal Kanamani'

O Kadhal Kanamani

After back to back failures with complex subjects like 'Ravanan' and 'Kadal' a small doubt started creeping in that whether the director Mani Ratnam has slowly started loosing his magic like the other legendary filmmakers who emerged in the 1980s. However the master filmmaker cleared all these doubts with his 'O Kadhal Kanmani'. Mani Ratnam was back with romance after his previous blockbuster 'Alaipayuthey' that released in the year 2000. OKK dealt with the concept of living togetyher relationships which has no precedent in Kollywood. But Mani avoided complexities and presented the film in a simple and relatable format. He himself wrote the dialogues after 'Alaipayuthey' and that stood as one of the huge plusses of the film. The film had a successful run in theatres and collected Rs.14 crores which was more than double of its investment.

'Kaaka Muttai'

Adil Hussain - 'Kaaka Muttai'

The film broke the notion that award winning or art house films would not fetch commercial returns. The film had won the National Award for Best Children's film and many awards in various International film festivals before its theatrical release. With a simple storyline of two slum children chasing their dream to afford a Pizza, debutante director Manikandan subtly and strongly conveyed the impact of globalization in developing countries like India. The film was completely devoid of preaches and hard hitting dialogues and emotional innuendos. The film proved that simple can be supremely beautiful. The two kids who played the lead roles. The two kids Vignesh and Ramesh who played the lead roles of Chinna Kaaka Muttai and Periya Kaaka Muttai were framed as the most beautiful sight in the hearts of everyone who watched the film.

Made on a shoestring budget of Rs.70 lakhs, 'Kaaka Muttai' which ran for just 109 minutes collected Rs.5 crores at the box office and this is really huge.



When it was announced that Kamal Haasan would be starring in the Tamil remake of 'Malayalam blockbuster 'Drishyam' there were cynical voices which said that Kamal's brilliance and creative interference will spoil the simplicity of George Kutti character played by Mohan Lal.

But the legend proved he is not someone who will fall into the guesses of naysayers. 'Papanasam' the Tamil version of 'Drishyam' was true to the original and there was minor changes made to the lead character to suit the local flavour. Suyambulingam (Kamal) was as relatable and brilliant as George Kutti an uneducated yet a clever middle class family head.

The film's box office and critical results were also as pleasing. Apart from garnering phenomenal positive reviews 'Papanasam' joined the Rs.100 crore club.



With his second bilingual 'Baahubali', director S.S.Rajamouli proved to the Tamil audience that he is not a one film wonder.

The number of producers, directors, actors and technicians entering the film industry is increasing year by year and 2015 has been no exception to that. The year has seen more than 200 films released (204 to be precise including the latest releases ‘Pasanga 2’ and Booloham’) and the number would...