How Thoongavanam Wins

How Thoongavanam Wins

This Diwali is tight in theatres with stiff competition from Thala with Ulaganayagan himself. Both have arrived to entertain us in their own style. The first day fills out quickly, and the real competition begins only post day two. Out beyond the fan fantasy, here's our top 5, as we find out what has sustained 'Thoongavanam' in the competition.


Thoongavanam Kamal Haasan

We are Kolly fans - the thirst for action runs in our blood. However, with changing times, we have started looking out for realistic action than mere fly-in-the-air-while-punching-thugs sort of fight scenes. 'Thoongavanam' gives us a dose of raw yet classy action; and the best part is that there is no stereotypes. Thanks to Ramesh and GIles for the logical action, you will consider the fight sequence involving Trisha, at par in challenge with the one involving Kishore. And you are sure to love the last punch at the snooker ambience!


Thoongavanam Sentiment

We may carry far and wide, carrying our taste along, but at the end of the day, we end up being victims of sentiment. This is more so the case among us, making the sympathetic population. The common thread that links all the action is a fine line of sentimental attachment of a father, fighting the world for his son. One is sure to melt in the scene where Divakar (Kamal's screen name) tells his son how important he is, and the one where he chides his son, gentle enough not to hurt his feelings yet strong enough to drive the message home.


Thoongavanam Story

The reason we take to movies is because we want to relax our mind, taking time off the regular humdrum. And so, we wouldn't want to put too much of our calculative abilities and memory power on trying to understand a 2-hour story, during our relaxation. 'Thoongavanam' has a straightforward motive, and some twists have been deliberately revealed beforehand to the audience, so that the story on the whole does not categorise itself to be monotonously predictable, yet makes us audience grab our breath at the edge of our seat.


Thoongavanam Music

The movie has only one song, we all know. Considerable entirety of the film is shot in a night club, and the vitality of any nightclub lies not in dark interiors, but music so loud that you can't hear your own voice coming out of your mouth. Though this pretty much compensates the need for exclusive song numbers, part played by music does not end there. Ghibran has carried his creativity to the kitchen, washroom and restricted areas too. Ghibran scores high on the BGM, that forms the crux to retaining thrill in the straightforward story.


Thoongavanam Screenplay

The best of any movie is brought out by its screenplay.This rule applies more so, for 'Thoongavanam'. Since the story and motive are clear and the stage is set, the onus is on Kamal Hassan to ensure that the film grips its audience in taut rendition. Shunting between loud, gripping chase and eerily silent tense running, the film reveals story in interesting chunks, such that it is clear yet the chase is thrilling. It is not always that an adapted movie savours local taste, not compromising on the original. Sanu John Varghese has shown that the impossible is very much possible - to capture the movement and emotions of just a handful, in a maddening crowd in a dark arena, is no mean task. Add to the already talent-rich team, art direction is classic, in typical recreation of the ambience intended. Trust Rajesh Selva and Kamal Hassan himself, 'Thoongavanam' is nothing like anything K-town has witnessed.

Movies are a mix of all the aforementioned five elements, with a singular purpose of entertainment. With all elements perfectly in place, 'Thoongavanam' is a seemingly original complete entertainer, and hence holds a strong foot, this Diwali.

This Diwali is tight in theatres with stiff competition from Thala with Ulaganayagan himself. Both have arrived to entertain us in their own style....