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Jai Chiranjeeva Music Review

Jai Chiranjeeva Music Review
Vyjayanthi Movies
Chiranjeevi, Sameera Reddy, Bhoomika
K Vijaya Bhasker
C Aswini Dutt
Full of life
IndiaGlitz [Tuesday, November 15, 2005 • తెలుగు] Comments

When it comes to a Chiranjeevi movie, the expectations are sky rocketing and it proves to be a challenge for any music director. After using Devi Sri Prasad for a couple of movies, Chiranjeevi joins hands with Manisharma who has used his experience in composing some good lively music. There is everything for everybody, couple of foot tapping numbers, melodies and fusion of dance and 'bhakti' feel. What the current album lacks is novelty and freshness. But, one must admit that this is one of the better albums released in recent times. Thillana, He Jana and Jai Jai Ganesha in that order, stand out as the best songs in the album.

Jai Jai Ganesha 4*  Singers: SPB

I opened the album by humming the famous Chiranjeevi song 'Jai chiranjeeva, jagadeka veera..' and was expecting a song on Lord Hanuman, however this album starts off with homage to Lord Ganesha and impresses. Manisharma goes for Balu, an obvious choice to sing such songs and he once again proves why he is un-paralleled in singing solo numbers. He not only maintains the tempo of the song but also keeps the 'bhakti' feel intact. The song starts off with a very impressive humming of 'Om Jai Ganapati..' by the chorous and the chorus is outstanding throughout the song. Manisharma uses his own tune composed for the Tamil song 'Jinu Jinu' in the movie 'Asai Asaiyi' for this song, but this is much better. The lyrics of the song captures a plea to Lord Ganesha to bring about social harmony and peace. The funny line 'Ganapati Bappa Moriya, aadha laddu khaliya' in the end does not fit well into the song though! Overall, a great opening to the album and I expect Lawrence to provide some excellent steps for Chiru in the interludes to make this song a craze among his followers.

Ko Ko Kodi 3.5*  Singers: Udit Narayan, Chitra

The song starts off with a Guitar peice which reminds you of 'Nalugiriki nachhinadi..' from 'Takkari Donga', but Manisharma changes the path instantly. This is a melody where Udit's voice blends along with that of Chitra's beautifully. What is also pleasing is not using nonsensical words in the lyrics which makes the song a likeable one at first hearing itself. Upon repeated hearing you will also notice that the inspiration for this song comes from the famous Hindi song "Kabhi aar kabhi paar laaga teere nazar..". Overall one will go out humming "Pa pa paata baagundi..." after listening to this one.

Thumbs Up Thunder 2.5*  Singers: Nihar, Mahalakshmi Iyer

A fast beat song which I was able to follow only after listening to it a couple of times. Manisharma used good fusion music with Guitar at one interlude and Saxaphone at another. The charanam is composed in a very attractive manner when compared to the pallavi, the way each line in charanam ends with stretching the last syllable; example "Chestanaaaa aahh aaaa..." catches ones attention. Mahalakshmi sings very well, and the less heard of Nihar also follows suit. The lyrics of the song, as expected in fast beat numbers now a days, is poor. All said, the song fails in sticking to your head even after repeated listening. You may give this a pass.

Thillana 4*  Singers: Shankar Mahadevan

I was struggling to judge if this is the best song of the album or Jai Jai Ganesha, but after listening to this for a couple of times, I have come to the conclusion that this song should take the honours. It is tailor made for Shankar's voice and he delivers the song with great elan. The song flows from the word go like a river in the hills and it picks up pace through the journey. Again, as with many Manisharma songs, there are shades of the song 'Pal pal hai bhaari..' from 'Swades' in the charanam. The violin in the interludes gives a Rajasthani and earthy feel to the song. Overall a totally enj