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Kick Music Review

Kick Music Review
RR Movie Makers
Raviteja, Shaam, Ileana and others
Surender Reddy
Thaman S
Gives An Energetic Kick
IndiaGlitz [Thursday, April 30, 2009 • తెలుగు] Comments

The noted banner R R Movie Makers is all set to arrive with their ambitious and extravagant movie treat `Kick' and recently the audio album of the film got released. The movie has Ravi Teja, Ileana, Shaam and Ashika in the lead while the movie is directed by the action packed Surender Reddy. This has been produced by Suresh Reddy and this marks the debut of Thaman S as the music director. The album comprises of a total of 6 songs and the lyrics have been penned by Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry,  so let us have a look at how this sounds:

Dil Kalaase.    Listen here

This is a high energy number that is more of a mix on the rap, hip hop and a tough tone of the vocalist. The voice has been rendered by Anoushka who has come up with an aggressive pitch which is most needed for the song and the chorus has been quite supportive. Thaman created a jazz effect with the trumpets but the hard beats and the pace of the song builds up the energy. Sirivennela has coined the words to get the rhythm correctly and his usage of Hindi in between the lyrics is the variety.

I Don't Want Love.   Listen here

A very different song that is a mix of western and folk beats the number runs on a constant background beat and the upper layers are merged with the modern and the folk instruments. Karthik has brought a special life to this song which has a tinge of sadness and a touch of the Tamil flavor. The essence of having and not having love has been written well by Sitarama Sastry and to connect to the Karthik, the chorus especially the fast vocals by the kids worked well. The sync was maintained throughout and there were no random beats.

Dhim Thana.   Listen here

This is a soft melody number that runs on a mild note and even the music is soothing to the moods. Chitra has dominated with her voice and the chorus has got a very subtle presence, there is a tune that reminds one of Harris Jayaraj but Thaman has brought in variety in this. The melody aspect has been quite evident and yet again Sirivennela has deftly explained the innocence of love and the sensitivity with his articulate words. This is more appealing to the classy audience.

Gore Gore..   Listen here

Yet another melody with a fairly moderate paced beats, the duet is more of a sensuous number and while Karthik has taken a milder approach to this one, Jyotsana has come up with some fabulous modulations of her voice and also had that appeal in her vocals which are teasingly inviting. A little pep and increase in the bass instruments would have helped Thaman score a better tune but overall it is catchy. Sirivennela's strong hold is sensuous writing and he has shown his prowess providing a rhythm to the lyrics too.

Manase Thadisela.   Listen here

This is a short number but is mixed with a melody that has got a very literate touch by the lyrics of Sirivennela, it appears that this maestro has written from the depth of his heart and the lyrics are soul stirring. Vardhani Thaman has added to the emotion by giving her vocals and the take off has been very nice but then the landing seems to have been abrupt in the song. Few more seconds would have given it a smooth culmination. Thaman has not let go of his western beats here too and though it is a sensitive melody, he has relied on his mix of folk and jazzy beats to make it colorful.

Boss Memory Loss.   Listen here

Thaman has used his creativity and brought about all genres of music into one song. There is Qawwali, Rap, folk touch, stage play beats, melody and with actors Raviteja, Ali contributing their voices, the song got a very realistic feel. On the other hand Ranjith, Rahul Nambiar, Navin Madhav did their chorus to come up with a neat rhythm and have pumped energy into the song. The beats are peppy and though there are few hitches due to the random mixing of so many genres of music, the total feel of the song is fast and upbeat. Sirivennela has come down to the rustic levels and from his literary angle, he has come out with some mass lyrics that go well with the beats and the vocals.

The album runs mostly on melody and the usage of the western instruments for the local flavor is a new experiment. Thaman has done justice to all the songs by taking backseat wherever required and giving the vocals full charge and vice versa. Two numbers would appeal to the masses in a big way and the remaining will go well with the class audience. Given the fact that it is an action treat, the pace of the movie would be fast so the songs will serve as breathers with their moderate pace and will give a good feel to the audience. Lyrics have been penned as per the moods and the requirement of the beats and they have gelled well without much hitches. The landings of the songs were a bit abrupt and the culmination was more on the mild note and that could have been replaced with more melody and energy. Overall, the songs are catchy and are worth humming given the soothing effect.

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