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Lovely Music Review

Lovely Music Review
RJ Cinemas
Aadi, Sanvy, Rajendra Prasad, Vennela Kishore, Chinmayi, Anchal, Harshavardhan, Satyakrishnan, Rahuldev, Paruchuri Gopalakrishna, Ahuthi Prasad, Tanikella Bharani, Vinaya Prasad, Kasi Viswanath, Duvvasi Mohan, Prabhakar, Dhanraj, AVS Srinivas, Narsing Yadav and Baby Tanishka
Jaya B
BA Raju
Anoop Rubens
Complete with variety and sweet
IndiaGlitz [Tuesday, March 20, 2012 • తెలుగు] Comments

Complete with a mix of many genres, Lovely makes for a worthy collection of the romantic milieu.  Anoop Rubens lives up to our expectations, delivering his career's most note-worthy.  A bevy of clap-worthy vocals - Chaitra, Vijay Prakash, Benny Dayal, Ranjith, Anoop himself, Anjana Soumya, Aishwarya and Saindhavi make the treat total.

Rama Jhogayya Sastry, Ananth Sriram, Sira Sri, Kandikonda come up with decent output.

Dolare Dolare    Listen here

Artist(s): Benny Dayal, Bhargavi, Noel
Lyricist: Rama Jhogaya Sastry

Sastry's lyrics and Benny Dayal's vocals seem a perfect match.  The song captures the zeitgeist.  Anoop Rubens's instrumentation is an improvement over his recent films.

Chori Choriye   Listen here

Artist(s): Vijay Prakash, Anjana Soumya
Lyricist: Ananth Sriram

The lyrics capture the mood of the romantic, but it is Vijay Prakash's mature voice that makes this song stand out.  Anjana Soumya's mellifluous voice add the much-needed zing.  Rubens shows imagination when it comes to embellishing the song with beats that form the song's leitmotif.

Ninnu Chusina   Listen here

Artist(s): Anoop Rubens, Aishwarya
Lyricist: Ananth Sriram

One could say that Ninnu Chusina is a chic melody.  The tune has a trace of situational quality and it would seem best onscreen if it comes at a stage when audience are involved in it.  Ananth Sriram's lyrics (interlaced with the ideas of Nature) are on a par with Anoop Ruben's interesting twang.

I Don't Know   Listen here

Artist: Chaitra
Lyricist: Anoop Rubens

The short ditty works because of Chaitra's vocals.  Anoop's lyrics in English give the song the modish feel and his instrumentation is not far behind in making this one a good listen.

Lovely Lovely   Listen here

Artist(s): Ranjith, Saindhavi
Lyricist: Kandikonda

The song is well paced, sans any noise.  More than the start, this title track works in the middle. Ranjith's crooning of 'rana.. rana..' lend a mass appeal to the song, while Saindhavi's soft voice is a treat.

Nenunnadi   Listen here

Artist(s): Anoop Rubens, Dhanunjay
Lyricist: Ananth Sriram

Anoop Rubens styles the tune and vocals after Yuvan Shankar Raja's very many songs for the moments of agony.  This very shot ditty makes for a good running song.  Ananth Sriram's lyrics spell the pathos intelligently.

Evo Evevo   Listen here

Artist(s): Chaitra, Anoop Rubens
Lyricist: Sira Sri

Sira Sri's lyrics are explicitly oriented towards reflecting the mood for dirty that is the stuff of item songs.  There is depth, nevertheless.  Chaitra's vocals works well for the song, while Anoop is at his best.  Coming to the music, it fares well.