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Mahanandi Music Review

Mahanandi Music Review
RS Movie Productions
Sumanth, Srihari, Anushka
Anasuya Devi
Maha Nandi
Sounds right
IndiaGlitz [Monday, November 14, 2005 • తెలుగు] Comments

You cannot overstress the importance of songs in today's films. They are vital in every respect.

So with Sumanth desperate for a hit, the songs of Mahanandi have to be willy-nilly good.

Kamalakar, the music director, seems to have given his best.

1) Emyina

Just the right kind of soothing beginning one would want. Listening to Chitra at her best is like being caressed by peacock plumes. In this song she is at her best. Giving her company is Hariharan. He seems to be strangely muted, yet he is good enough to stand the rigors. His voice, as always, is melodious. The orchestration is simple and pleasant. Kamalakar doesn't attempt anything flashy. All in all, a melody worth a listen.
2) Titugunna Jeans Pant

Listening to the starting bit, you wonder whether Kamalakar  or Devi Sri Prasad has scored the music. For the number has the feel of Devi Sri P. The same heavy rhythms. The same mass appeal. Otherwise a typical number, that proceeds on expected lines. Tippu needs to vary his style;otherwise he runs the risk of being repetitive.

3) Indradhanshu

Like mist engulfing you on a wintry morning in a hill station, the slow music (with the rocking rhythms reminding you of a train) takes you over. And then Shreya Ghosal takes over. She is such a talent that even if she were to lisp your name, it is bound to come dipped in honey. She is in her elements in this interesting song that is rhythmic as well as melodious. Again Kamalakar keeps it simple and straight. And that it isa good virtue.

4) Etuchoosthe Atunuuve

 Seems to be the thematic strain of the film. Sounds good in Chitra's unmistakable lilt.

5) Champakamala

The starting instrumentation clearly shows what you are in store for. It is lively and heavy, and so it has to be a mass song with scope for dance. Shankar Mahadevan and Malathi, two preferred singers for such numbers, give it all they have. Though the tune is nothing new, there is plenty of live and fizz. Such songs are actually for that, you know.

6) Naapanchapranalu

When the old warhorses SPB and Chitra combine, there is bound to be something magical. This song has an elevated softness, that grows on you like awistful romance of young days. SPB sounds dazzlingly young, and at his age it is amazing. This `rain song' makes you feel warmly wet. And that is a good feeling!

7) Kathilanti Amyi

A rambunctious number with seemingly programmed music. Yet, there is a good feel and fervor to thewhole number. Adnam Sami sings in his usual nasal-pronounced way. There is a touch of Mid-east to the song's evolution and orchestration.Sujatha gives Adnam good and enthusiastic company.

Kamalakar hasnot belied the expectations on him.