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'Majili' is both class and mass: Shiva Nirvana

Tuesday, April 2, 2019 • Telugu Comments

Majili is both class and mass: Shiva Nirvana

Director Shiva Nirvana awaits the release of 'Majili' on April 5.  In this interview, catch him talk about the subject of the movie, how it happened, what makes 'Majili' unique, the 'Second Film' jinx and more.  

How did the journey of 'Majili' start?

Not only was my debut movie, 'Ninnu Kori', a hit but it was also a critically acclaimed one.  Since I don't like to repeat a genre, I had prepared 2-3 scripts.  However, the heroes I had in mind were busy with other films.  It was at this juncture that Naga Chaitanya called me up and told me he liked 'Ninnu Kori'.  He asked me to come up with a story that suits his body language.  I had no story ready at that time.  

Twenty days later, a thought took birth in me.  As soon as that idea flashed in my mind, I could see only Chaitanya.  It's because one can show him as a 19 year old and a 34 year old guy.  With this merit, I knew that he would be the most apt for my story.

What is most unique about the film?

This story has cricket, love and marriage as the important ingredients.  Clubbed with middle-class sensibilities, it is a family entertainer.  The film's Vizag backdrop has a reason.  I wrote the story living in Vizag.  I come from a village that is nearby.  Moreover, it helps when love stories are set against the backdrop of a beach.  

Is it true that incidents from your life have been shown in the film?

In all my films, you are going to see incidents that I have experienced or witnessed in my life.  Those incidents may have happened at any age.  I have internalized them in my memory over the years.  When I sit down to write a script, these memories make their reappearance.  Whichever incident causes the biggest trigger finds its way into the script.  I am always kicked about writing scenes that are inspired from real life.

Did you write the script keeping Samantha in mind?

The story is about a teenager who fails to make it as a cricketer.  He fails to come out of his past even at the age of 34. What kind of conflict arises between him and a doting wife?  That's the crux of the film.  The film grows in strength from the time the wife's character enters the scene.  When I started writing the character, it grew stronger and stronger.  I thought that an actress like Samantha should be cast in the role.  We may not notice it but our wives do a lot for us every single day. That's what 'Majili' shows.  Samantha's Shravani is not a tragedy queen. But she is susceptible to breaking down when it comes to her hubby.

Tell us about Divyansha Kaushik's character.

She will be seen as a North Indian girl in the movie.  I have conceived the love story between her character and Chaitanya's character in a way that the youth can relate to.  It's not done in a routine way.  

What about other actors?

Posani garu has done a great job as Samantha's father.  Rao Ramesh garu has done a brilliant job as a father who shows two contrasting emotions towards his son.  

What justifies the title?

As you know, Majili literally means a sojourn.  Marriage is that point in everyone's life when it stops the person and guides him to a new path.  That's why the title.  

Did Samantha give any inputs for the script?

Both my films were okayed by the actors in a single sitting.  I tell a story to my actors only once I am confident about it.  

Would you describe 'Majili' as a class film like 'Ninnu Kori'?

No. 'Majili' is a mass plus class film.  You must have understood it on watching the Trailer.  The film will prove what I am saying.  

Both your films are about love failures.  Were you ever through a break-up in your life?

I had a few crushes as a student but I never had a love failure in my life.  However, I have observed a few friends of mine who were through the phase.  I write scenes inspired by them.  

Are you scared of the 'Second Film Syndrome' in the industry?  The second films of almost all directors were failures.

I am not tensed at all.  I have worked harder on 'Majili' than 'Ninnu Kori'.  I don't see any chances of the film failing.  When my first movie released, Nagarjuna garu, Mahesh Babu garu, Ram Charan garu and others called me up and congratulated me.  Many told me that I made a complicated story in a simple way.  Credit goes to Nani garu for accepting the story.

What are your upcoming projects?

I have a few stories in mind.  I will talk about them only after the release of 'Majili'.  One of them is an out-and-out comedy story.  The other one is an action thriller.  

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