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My film has all essential elements: Saptagiri

Tuesday, June 11, 2019 • Telugu Comments
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My film has all essential elements: Saptagiri

Saptagiri awaits the release of 'Vajra Kavachadhara Govinda' on June 14.  In this interview, he talks about the movie, working with director Arun Pawar, his role in it and more.  

How do you assess your roles in the three movies as the hero?

This is my third film as a male lead after 'Saptagiri Express' and 'Saptagiri LLB'.  My first film fetched me a good name and made moolah. But my second film got me a name but it didn't make money.  I wish that my third film will make money too with the blessings of the people.  This is a low-budgeted movie.  By God's grace, it has got its own buzz.  The audience can expect to watch comedian Saptagiri in the movie.  In my first film, I could carry the emotion of the character and the film well.  The second film saw me perform the court scenes well.  This film is a wise balance of all good elements, be it story or entertainment.

What is your role like in the movie?

I will be seen as a thief.  The entire story revolves around a precious diamond.  My character's name is Govindu.  What is the link between the diamond and Govindu?  What kind of problems does he go through because of the diamond?  What are the underlying emotions?  Answers to these questions are found in the film.  Although I am the film's hero, my characterization is totally comedic.

How was it working with director Arun Pawar for the second time?

Even when I worked with him for the first time, we both decided to team up again, in future.  The story of this movie came to me from a third party.  It was written by three writers.  When I was wondering who should direct the story, I could only think of my 'Saptagiri Express' maker.  Arun was my first choice.  I happened to tell the story to 15-20 people but none could even pronounce the word 'Kavachadara'.  It has a pious meaning.  Since I am a devotee of Venkateswara Swamy, I am happy to have this title.

Even though I have done comedy in the movie, I will be seen as its hero.  My previous two films didn't see me do much comedy.  I did less comedy and more of message-oriented scenes.  It's because of the Assistant Director in me.  I was an AD for 7 years before becoming an actor.  My thought process during those days was serious.  This thinking got reflected in my roles in these two movies.  I do give suggestions to my directors.  If they like it, it's fine. Even otherwise, it's fine.  I don't try to convince my directors.  

Don't you think you are doing less comedy compared to your earlier days as an actor?

I am ready to play comedy roles.  I have said this before.  The fact is, I am not getting enough number of comedy roles.  Maybe, they are not offering me roles thinking that I won't do comedy roles now that I am a hero.  I have been saying to people personally that I am ready for anything.

Are you following Sunil's example in this regard?

No two careers are the same.  I can't be like Sunil anna.  He is tall and I am short.  He has done six-pack abs in the past.  I can do only Yoga.  His is Bhimavaram.  Mine is Chittoor.  No two lives are the same.  

What are your plans to boost up your career as a male lead?

I believe in the power of the story.  It's the story that has to take me forward.  Even if a story is beyond my ability, I give it my best.  Without a proper story, no film will work.  

Are you not doing too many unrealistic things in your movies as the hero?

I did a lot of dancing and fighting in my first two movies as the hero.  This time, I have done less of them.  It's not like I did those dances without much effort.  I did my homework and I sweated to bring those dances out.  I wanted to win the appreciation of the audience for my dances.

Did you for once feel that your image of a comedian has come in the way of your growing as a hero?

100 percent, it is an obstacle.  But I will overcome it soon.  I am choosing the right kind of stories to make it possible.  I believe in myself.  That's why I strongly believe that I will definitely succeed.  There is no comedian in me. But when I was an AD, some people observed a comedian in me.  The only film in which I laughed seeing myself is in 'Venkatadri Express'.  I like it more than 'Prema Katha Chitram'.  I entered the industry with the aim of becoming a director.  I was inspired to do movies by Krishna Vamsi's 'Sindhooram' and Shankar's 'Bharateeyudu'.  As of now, I don't have the thought of becoming a director.

Why don't you direct your own movies as the hero?

As of now, I am only choosing scripts that suit my state of mind.  My father is a constable.  My first film was partly inspired by the thoughts that have stayed with me after having seen him for 30 years.  My second film touched upon farmer wellbeing.  My third film touches upon justice to cancer patients.  The film drives home the message that both thought and action should be right.  All my three films as hero have given priority to the heroine's character.  Vaibhavi Joshi has played a village girl in 'Kavachadara'.  She is a tomboyish girl.  I have donned three get-ups in the movie and they all are related to the story.

What are the major highlights of the movie?

A sequence between my character and a Swamiji is very good.  The characters of a snake and a dog are crucial.  We shot a few scenes in the Beloom Caves.  This is the first time that we shot the Caves by going deep into them.  There are many subcaves in there.  Nobody explored them before us.  

What are your upcoming movies as hero?

Two stories titled 'Dayyam Pattindi' are under consideration.  I have been wanting to do them since long.  There are 2-3 offers for comedy roles. 

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