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Palasa 1978 Music Review

Palasa 1978 Music Review
Sudhas Media
Rakshith , Nakshthra, Raghu kunche, Vijay varma , jana, Mirchi Madhavi, Praveen, Thiru,Lakshman Meesala, Raja rao, Shruthi reyan,Tanmayi bolt
Karuna Kumar
Dhyan Atluri
Raghu Kunche
Passes muster
IndiaGlitz [Tuesday, March 3, 2020 • తెలుగు] Comments

Passes muster

The full jukebox of 'Palasa: 1978' is out, on Aditya Music.  With lyrics by Bhaskara Bhatla, Ravikumar, Suddala Ashok Teja, Lakshmi Bhupala, and Karuna Kumar, its singers are Palasa Baby, SPB, Raghu Kunche, Aditi Bhavaraju, Ramya Bahara, and Sandhya Koyyada.

Ye Ooru Ye Oore

Singers: Vijayalakshmi, Raju Jamuku Asirayya

Lyrics: Bhaskara Bhatla, Ravikumar

The rustic flavour of the song is blended with a native, folksy spirit.  The lyrics are rooted in the local culture.  It helps that two lyricists have chipped in with their appealing lines.  The offbeat vocals add a texture that is rare to come by in mainstream cinema.

Nakkileesu Golusu

Singer: Raghu Kunche

Lyrics: Uttarandhra Janapadam

The genre of this boisterous song is once again steeped in the rural backdrop of the story.  Raghu Kunche's voice comes with the ring of a bygone era.  The Uttarandhra folk song, whose author cannot be determined, is enjoyable.  With striking picturization, this can have the mass as well as class audience enjoy it to the core.

O Sogasari

Singers: SP Balasubrahmanyam, Baby Pasala

Lyricist: Lakshmi Bhupala

SPB brings the old-warm charm along with his impeccable singing flavour.  His pronunciation is flawless as ever and immersive as always.  The female singer is at ease with the genre and her brief, her sweet voice suits the mellowed village belle seen in the visuals.  Lakshmi Bhupala's lyrics draw upon the repertoire of romantic songs whose context has everything to do with the countryside.  Raghu Kunche dishes out a layered musical, deploying the percussions and subhani like a pro.

Bavocchadu O Lappa

Singer:  Aditi Bhavaraju

Lyrics: Uttarandhra Janapadam

This is yet another folk song but, compared to the earlier one in the album, this one sounds somewhat jaded and low-end.  Aditi Bhavaraju's voice is a saving grace amid the not-so-novel lyrics.  Musically, this one can be foot-tapping if you have a mood for an "item" song, a typical, unabashed one at that.

Kalavathi Kalavathi

Singers: Ramya Bahara, Raghu Kunche

Lyrics: Suddala Ashok Teja

Having heard songs in the broadly same category earlier in the album, this one doesn't really excite.  Ramya Bahara is chosen instead of a Mohan Bhogaraju and she doesn't disappoint. Raghu Kunche complements her.  Suddala's lyrics are not without a smattering of doubles entendres.


Singer: Sandhya Koyyada

Lyrics: Karuna Kumar

The Uttarandhra wedding-time song is fun, coming as it does with non-conformist lyrics.  Sandhya's voice sounds relaxed and sans frills.  The short song makes for a situational song.


A largely middling album with three worthy songs.  The genres of the songs are in tune with the backdrop of the movie.

Rating: 2.75