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Pawanism Music Review

Pawanism Music Review
Sudheer, Sindhu, Mahi
Krishna Chaitanya
All praise for Pawanism
IndiaGlitz [Friday, July 4, 2014 • తెలుగు] Comments

Here we have an album that could actually be a promotional track in service of Pawan Kalyan.  From the lyrics to the music, everything is mediocre about it.

The track has five songs, three of which will be seen as devotional songs meant to build an image around Pawan Kalyan.

Power Star

Artist: Baba Sehgal

The song is a panegyric on Pawan Kalyan.  As the song moves ahead, the panegyric becomes too heavy so much so it actually patronizes the fans of the Power Star.  The lyricist deserves to be called a panegyrist of epic proportions.  With nothing going for the song except Baba Sehgal's booming voice, the track simply falls flat.


Artists: Revanth, Sahithi

The romantic  number is quite melodious.  The song comes across as a cross between an SA Raj Kumar and a Koti song.  The vocals are alright, with Revanth and Sahithi rendering the song to a good effect.  The lyrics capture the feelings of a newly-born in love.


Artist: Deepu

The song is a logical advancement from the track 'Power Star'.  Having deified Pawan Kalyan, the paragon of all possible great virtues, it is now the followers' chance to tell what they can do by the very virtue of admiring Pawan Kalyan's vision and guts.  The music is as original as that masterpiece 'Bangaram', a film which all loyal fans out there tremble to remember.  Deepu's vocals pass muster.


Artists: Sri Krishna, Nithya

Chinukai, like the previous romantic track, is good enough.  Sri Krishna and Nithya come with that vocals that eminently suit new faces on the screen.  The lyrics are worth a mention for their cool flavour.  The tune is apt and fairly good enough.

Gun Pattani

Artist: Uma Neha, Kanishka

Now, Pawanism has been characterized as something that you and I own within ourselves!  It's we, it seems.  From goondaism to feudalism to capitalism to communism to mesmerism, everything has been either arrogated or ransacked.  You could actually start wondering whether the ism that is being sung about is Gandhism.  The vocals make us think of this song as an item song.  Perhaps, it is an item song for idealism.