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'Prema Katha Chitram-2' has got a twist: Siddhi Idnani

Saturday, March 30, 2019 • Telugu Comments

Prema Katha Chitram-2 has got a twist: Siddhi Idnani

Siddhi Idnani awaits the release of 'Prema Katha Chitram-2' on April 6.  In this interview, the actress talks about the movie, how it happened, her dream director, why she likes Samantha and more.  

How did 'PKC-2' happen to you?

This is a special film for me.  This is my second film, the first one being 'Jamba Lakadi Pamba'.  I landed this movie after the trailer of 'JLP' was out.  My debut flick didn't do well.  'PKC-2' is a second chance.  

What is your character like in the movie?

My character is Bindu.  She is a college-going, bubbly and vivacious girl.  She is headstrong and is intent on getting what she wants.  She will go to any extent to get the boy she loves.  It's very different from my first movie, in which I had played a housewife.  This one is a total contrast.

Is 'PKC-2' a sequel to 'Prema Katha Chitram', written by Maruthi and that starred Sudheer Babu, Saptagiri and Nandita Raj?

Yes, it is.  Sudheer Babu's character is continued by Sumanth Ashwin.  There is also a twist.  Since the first part was a mega hit, there is pressure on us for sure.  There are certain scenes in this movie which are extremely challenging for the actor.  It's not easy to portray emotions like happiness, etc.  It's more the case to portray the reactions of a possessed woman.  The director was helpful in explaining everything.

How was it working with Sumanth Ashwin?

Sumanth Ashwin is a very down-to-earth person.  He comes from a filmi background.  But he didn't show airs.  He spoke a lot about food because we both are foodies.  I have 3-4 scenes with Nandita Swetha and it was nice working with her.  She has done so many scary movies!  So, it must have been easier for her.  

Do you believe that ghosts exist for real?

I believe in supernatural powers.  I believe there is a God.  There are also spirits for sure.  There is a haunted place in Mumbai where I experienced a ghost for real.  I can give you the address of that place if you want. (Laughs).

Are you open to working in other languages, too?

I am looking at only those movies that have a great script.  Gone are the days when the hero or heroine used to make a movie work.  I want to work in Tamil, too.  I am listening to scripts there. 

Who is your dream director?

I am a huge fan of Rajamouli garu.  He has taken the Telugu film industry to international levels with 'Baahubali'.  The characters played by Anushka and Tamannaah in that film are larger-than-life.  Films like 'Mahanati' too are very important.  I am a huge fan of Samantha who picks unique movies.  'Super Deluxe' and 'Majili', for example.  Incidentally, our film is releasing a day after 'Majili'.

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