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Sukumar on 'Darshakudu', 'Rangasthalam' & more:
Tuesday, August 1, 2017 • Telugu Comments

Sukumar's second prodcution 'Darshakudu' hits the screens on August 4th.  In this interview, the maverick talks about the film's hero (who is his brother's son), Ram Charan's movie, why he can't do a sci-fi and more.

Have you watched the movie?  What are your thoughts?

I am very happy with the final output of 'Darshakudu'.  I am not saying this as a producer but as an audience.  You get to sense the pulse some times.

This is not my-kind-of-story.  Maybe, that's why I loved the film.  Since I am the only director whom Ashok knows very well, he must have unknowingly imbibed my body language.  He is playing the role of a filmmaker and since he has been noticing me for long, he must have absorbed my behavior.

Tell us about how Ashok came under your fold.

While I always wanted to become a director since childhood, Ashok joined me as an assistant as he was inspired by me.  I did advise him against the move, but then, he has been into writing stories and poetry.

When I told him that the job of a director is not easy, he got angry.  I didn't choose him for '100% Love'.  When he approached me again for '1: Nenokkadine', I asked him to write a version of the screenplay.  I really loved it and roped him in as my assistant.

Why didn't you go for an established hero?

The story is good.  It can work with a fresh face.  Jakka Hari Prasad (director) wanted to do it with Ashok.  He told me he can make him act.  Acting workshops were held.  My confidence in him grew gradually.

The way he has performed in serious scenes, he is coming across like a senior artiste.  I see true-to-life expressions in his face.  The sadness is authentic, the anger is authentic.

Did you see yourself on the screen?

This is not my story.  So, no.  This is a love story of a director and his costume designer.  To the extent that Ashok behaves like me in the movie, I saw myself in him.

Will you let Ashok do direction?

If you are skilled, you can do anything.  Ashok's future will depend on the success of 'Darshakudu'.  If this turns out to be a hit, he will land a couple of offers.  If not, he anyhow has a skill.  He will become a director.  It's his choice.

To what extent has 'Rangasthalam' been done?  Is there any reason why it is set in the year 1985?

We are done to the tune of 50 per cent.

The film has to be set in a bygone era because of the story.  It would work only in that case.  There were no mobiles back then, you see!  We will release it during Sankranthi.

I grew up in a village for more than 25 years.  I had my education in that village.  I was always waiting to set a movie in a village.  It's because of that penchant that some portions of 'Arya' were based in a village.  Same goes with '100% Love'.

Why do you take so much gap between two films?

It's because I don't always have a story ready.  I sit on a story only after I am done with the current project.  If a story is ready, it's not a big deal to announce a new film with a star.  All stories start from a single line.  It takes a lot of time for me to develop further.

Can we expect sci-fi films from you? 

The Telugu market won't be adequate for such a genre.  One has to make it in Hindi.  I do get some such ideas.  But materialization is a different ball game.  One is trapped within the limitations of the market.  One has to continuously keep getting successes in this scenario.