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They copied it from us : Kamal Haasan [Interview]

Friday, March 20, 2015 • Telugu Comments

Kamal Haasan needs no introduction. He is undoubtedly one of the best actors in India and he variations he show with very film is unmatchable.He tries to serve something new to the audiences with every film and now his movie 'Uttama Villain' is going to be released soon. On this occasion, Kamal Haasan talks about the movie in an interview.

He studied me well

Handling all the departments for a film like this is not an easy job. I used to take many hours for makeup itself and so it was difficult for me to take up direction. So I gave the duties to my friend Ramesh Aravind. Both of us came from the same school. He studied me well and we share a very good rapport. So he understood my thoughts well and did a very good job.

Everyone loves him

Some people may seem bad for you, but good for me. It's all about point of view. Uttama Villain looks good for all. Everyone loves him and call him Uttama Villain.

I will cherish those memories

I remember him saying when I asked him to act in the movie, "Why do you want an old man like me to act in this film ? What will you do if I die in the middle of the project ?". I said that if it happens, I will change the story. On the first day, we were confused about how to explain a scene to him, because he is a legendary director. But he was very co-operative and made us feel comfort. Only because of him, I am in this position. He gave this life. I will cherish working with him every time.

Change is a continuous process

After taking money and spending crores on a film, I don't like any one saying that the film looks same like another film.It is not good either for me or the film. We have to be satisfied with our work and should be proud that we have shown something new. Change is a continuous process and people's tastes and preferences change. We can't tell which film works when. We can't be sure that films like 'Adavi Ramudu' and 'Maro Charithra' will be received well now. So I try to show some difference between every two projects. I also work out for my body according to the script.

They inspired me

NTR, ANR, SVR etc. All of them inspired me. One day NTR came from Chennai to Hyderabad in Lord Krishna's getup and went straight to the shooting spot. He didn't care what others feel about him and his only intention was to save time for the makeup. No other actor thinks like that. NTR used to woke up very early and he used to very disciplined on the sets. I've grown up as an actor seeing all of them.

They copied it

Filmmakers from other countries are being inspired from our country regarding the art. But we are not able to represent it on screen well. Seeing a poster of 'Uttama Villain', some people said I copied it from a French poster. It is our makeup and they copied it from us. No one understands it.

Some people say I copy from Hollywood films. Actually, they are copying a lot from us. Oscar winning film, 'Forrest Gump' was inspired a lot from our 'Swathi Mutyam'. There are many other Hollywood films, which were inspired from our films.

Kamal Haasan assured that 'Uttama Villain' will give a very new experience to the audiences and everyone will love the film.

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