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Ullasamga.. Utsahamga.. Music Review

Ullasamga.. Utsahamga.. Music Review
Amrut Amarnadh Arts
Yashosagar, Sneha Ullal
B.P.Somu, G.S.Ranganath
G.V.Prakash Kumar
An album with good lyrical value and music
IndiaGlitz [Tuesday, June 3, 2008 • తెలుగు] Comments

It is not so easy for any lyricist to get a single card in a film. However, Ananth Sriram achieved this through this album. Directed by Karunakaran of Tholiprema-fame the film was produced by BP Somu and GS Ranganath on the banner of Amrit Amarnath with Yashosagar and Sneha Ullal in the lead. GV Prakash Kumar, the nephew of AR Rahman, scored music for the flick. Though the producers were basically Kannadigas, they had decided to enter the film industry with a Telugu film, keeping in view the standards of Telugu movies at international level. The speciality of the album is that most of the songs were rendered by non-Telugus, but all of them were able to maintain the sweetness of the language.


It appears to be the title song of the film. Music director GV Prakash chose to use simple instruments like key board and drums for this song which has a light fast beat. As the lyric suggests, the song should have been choreographed in college backdrop. Before the first stanza, electric guitar was used with a typical humming in the background. After the progress of the first stanza, the music director chose to use a hum with female voice with a mix of English and Telugu words. The lyricist might have inspired from some old songs with college backdrop, like the one in 'Prema Desam'.

Dhannale Thalli
Rahul Nambiar

This number appears to have been shot on the hero who was pleading with his girlfriend (heroine) in a bid to win her heart or to pacify her anger. The song starts with bass guitar string music with humming. Though the song begins with a western style of music, it slowly changes its path with the use of electric guitar with jazz drumbeat in the background. It has a slow run and has a touch of melody. Again the lyricist tried to use choicest words to suit the situation.

Naa Prema
Karthik, Harini

This number appears to be a situational song in which the hero and heroine got separated and each of them cursing their fate and the love for losing their heart unintentionally. Only the voice of female singer could be heard first with light violin music in the background in the beginning. Later, the musician took the help of key board to be continued with sound of flute. Because of the violin support, the situation in the scene must have been definitely elevated. The song appears to have supported the situation well, as the song which was started with a female voice, ends with the male voice. A good combination of music and the director's screenplay could be seen on the screen.

VV. Prasanna

As the song suggests, this number was tuned in a lullaby style. To suit the lyric and the mood, the music director chose to use Ek Tara, with light drum beat in the background. These two instruments were fantastically assisted by flute. Naturally, these instruments would elevate the mood of the song in a lullaby style. With a combination of three simple instruments with a group of singers to give chorus in the background at the end, music director was able to bring out a fantastic lullaby. The number which begins with a tune of Ek Tara also ended with the same tune and proves the ability of the music director.

Sonu Nigam, Rahul Nambiar

This number begins with a fast beat, coupled with melody. Once again the number was filled with good lyrical value. Use of flute elevated the mood in the song. However, after the completion of the first stanza, the musician chose to take the assistance of violence. The lyricist also chose the combination of Telugu and English words in the song. with the English part was with a fa