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Vijayendra Varma Music Review

Vijayendra Varma Music Review
Bala Krishna, Laya, Ankita, Sangeeta, Mukesh Rushi, Asish Vidyardhi, Surya, Satya Prakash, Balayya, Brahmanandam, Venu madhav, Sudhakar, Chalapati Rao
Swarna Subba Rao
Konda Krishnam Raju
For your legs only
IndiaGlitz [Tuesday, November 2, 2004 • తెలుగు] Comments

What happens when a hero is ineluctably trapped to his image? He keeps giving the same kind of films. He chooses the same kind of songs.

This is true to most of Vijayendra Varma's numbers as Koti dishes out a despairing deja vu. He has come up with some basement bargain stuff from previous Balaya's films. The lyrics too are average and are aimed more at the front benchers.


A rhythmic number and the beat is catchy. But beyond that there is nothing much more in the song as it is predictable. Shankar Mahadevan and Chitra are zingy, still the song does not rise to any great heights. Such songs will be popular for some time, and will die a quick death some time later.


This song too is uncannily similar to the previous one. The same orgiastic beat and the same I-have-to-catch-a-train hurried style of singing. Udit Narayan is okay but again is less than sure of his pronunciation. Chitra has surely sung better songs than this. The orchestration is just purposeful and lacks aesthetics.

3. Ni Nadume Nuzeland

Trite lyrics and a banal tune, this one is what the trade calls a 'mass' number. But such songs hardly gives any listening pleasure --- the basic reason anyone would like to listen to a song. The song may be good one for dance movements.

4.Ningi Kadupunu Chilchi

A angry number sung from the top of the voice has little melody. It is a throwback to NTR days. There are any number of NTR songs of this genre. The situation that this number is not hard to imagine --- the hero, after a personal disaster, vows to finish off his (and nation's, too) enemies amidst thunder and lightning.

5.Siggu Paparo
It is back to where we started. Another dance and steps-oriented song. Tippu and Chitra must have whipped every ounce of enthusiasm to sing it. They are able, but then again lilt and melody are a casualty.

6.O Manmada Vinnakadha

The best song of the album for the simple reason that it is set to a different beat. Udit Narayan is good. Sgreya Ghosal has sweetness of timbre that comes to only to those who are gifted. The tune is not exactly a new one, but in the context of this album, this is good.

Vijayendra Varma on the whole is for the dancing legs not for the listening ears.