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Fantasy | Thriller

Season : 1Episode : 6Release Date : 15/06/2024


Yakshini weaves a captivating tale that blends ancient legends with the complexities of modern love. Krishna, a hopeless romantic yearning for true connection, finds his life intertwined with Maya...

Rating - 1.5 / 5


Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, June 15, 2024 ]

Yakshini: Makes Viewers Yawn

Yakshini weaves a captivating tale that blends ancient legends with the complexities of modern love.  Krishna, a hopeless romantic yearning for true connection, finds his life intertwined with Maya, a Yakshini bound to Earth by an ancient curse.  Maya's quest for her clan's salvation becomes inextricably linked to Krishna's journey, setting the stage for a series of extraordinary events.

Yakshini Web Series Review

Their paths converge, leading them through trials that challenge their beliefs and force them to confront the true nature of love and destiny.  Yakshini promises a captivating exploration of these themes, drawing viewers into a world where ancient magic collides with modern realities.


Yakshini unravels a complex narrative driven by the clash between the Naga and Yaksha worlds.  Mahakal (Ajay), a powerful Naga, desires to subjugate the Yaksha realm, aiming to enslave them.  To achieve this goal, he seeks the location of a secret temple door, knowledge held by Kubera.

Kubera, however, curses Maya (Vedika), a Yakshini, forcing her to journey to the Yaksha world.  He grants her a chance at salvation, but only if she can survive the treacherous path ahead.  To further complicate matters, he demands she sacrifice 100 Brahmacharis, with the final victim being a ShuddhaBrahman (a true Brahmachari).

Yakshini Web Series Review

Maya, driven by her desire for survival, captures and kills 99 Brahmacharis.  She encounters Krishna (Rahul Vijay), a young man who falls under her spell.  The series leaves the audience wondering how Maya manipulates Krishna into taking his own life.  Did Krishna truly believe in Maya's intentions, or was he a pawn in a larger game?

The arrival of Jwalamukhi (Manchu Lakshmi), another fairy, adds another layer of intrigue to the story.  Her role in this complex web of deceit and betrayal remains to be seen.

Yakshini presents a captivating story of love, betrayal, and sacrifice.  The series cleverly interweaves elements of mythology, fantasy, and human emotion, promising a thrilling journey for viewers eager to discover the truth behind Maya's actions and the ultimate fate of the Yaksha and Naga worlds.

Yakshini Web Series Review


Yakshini impresses with its captivating stage presence, particularly Yakshini Maya's alluring looks.  The character's mysterious origins, leaving viewers wondering if she truly hails from the Yaksha world, adds an intriguing element to the narrative. The production design excels in showcasing both beauty and horror, effectively creating an unsettling atmosphere in certain scenes.

Ajay, in the role of Mahakal, delivers a performance that feels familiar, staying true to the character's inherent nature.  While he offers a solid performance, it lacks any groundbreaking innovation.

Rahul Vijay, unfortunately, doesn't bring anything new to the table in this movie.  On the other hand, Praveen, Gemini Suresh, and Jabardast Satya deliver performances that are adequate for their respective roles.

Overall, Yakshini shines with its visual appeal and captivating stage presence.  However, the performances, while competent, lack the freshness or depth that could truly elevate the series.

Ram Vamsi Krishna's attempt to explore the socio-fantasy genre in "Yakshini" is commendable. His passion for incorporating elements of Yaksha and Naga worlds is evident, but the execution falls short of its potential. The series struggles to fully realize its ambitious premise, leaving viewers wanting more.

While the initial concept of merging Yaksha and Naga worlds is intriguing, the narrative ultimately takes a detour, leaving these elements underdeveloped and unexplored.  The lack of clarity about the fates of the Yaksha and Naga worlds feels like a missed opportunity, leaving viewers with unanswered questions.

Yakshini Web Series Review

Despite the series' shortcomings, the VFX and visuals deserve praise for their impressive quality.  However, the overall execution lacks a strong hook point, resulting in a somewhat disjointed and confusing narrative.  The absence of a compelling score further diminishes the series' impact.

Given that Yakshini hails from Arka Media Works, the makers of "Baahubali," the series' shortcomings are particularly disappointing.  Audiences expect a higher standard of storytelling and execution from such a renowned banner, making the series' underwhelming performance even more noticeable.


Yakshini begins with a promising premise, piquing the audience's interest. However, the second episode marks a decline in momentum, potentially testing the patience of viewers.

The series struggles to maintain a sense of suspense or excitement throughout its six episodes. While it may appeal to those with ample free time and a penchant for fantasy, Yakshini lacks the thrills and captivating elements that would make it a truly memorable watch.

If you're looking for a series that keeps you on the edge of your seat, Yakshini might not be the best choice.  However, if you have the patience and are interested in a leisurely exploration of fantasy elements, it's available for streaming on Disney+Hotstar.


Cast: Rahul Vijay, Vedhika, Manchi Lakshmi, Ajay

Director: Teja Marni

Music: Priyadarshan Balasubramanian

Producer: Shobu Yarlagadda, Prasad Devineni

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