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Tamil Movie Reviews

Paambhu Sattai Review - Desperate measures

Paambhu Sattai works for its sentiments, those desperate and intense moments – however it would have required more than that to do the magic.
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Vaigai Express Review - A tiring journey

It is highly disappointing to get such a shoddily written and poorly made film coming from the RK-Shaji Kailash duo which has delivered the highly engaging thriller 'Ellam Avan Seyal'.
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Kadugu Review - Splutters only in the end

Vijay Milton's screen writing and direction are more '10 Enradhukkulla' than 'Goli Soda' for sure. As the saying goes "Good intentions do not make a good film"
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Enkitta Mothathey Review - 1st half Nostalgic 2nd half Non sync

Writer-director Ramu Chellappa has done great detailing in the first half to transport the audiences to the eighties era and his dialogues are crisp and impactful.
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Dhayam Review - A wannabe single room thriller

Director Kannan Rangaswamy has tried to mix 'Exam', 'Fermat's Room' and 'Identity and give it as one for the Tamil audiences. However some rank bad acting do not help his cause.
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Bruce Lee Review - Bleeding ears

The screenplay grounds to a halt in the first fifteen minutes and refuses to budge after that till the very end. Though a few ideas are good and some adult comedy also works it is not enough.
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Beauty and the Beast Review - A beautiful adaption of the classic

Beauty and the beast is a classic adaption, no doubts there but there are snippets which could have been better like Emma’s singing or rather the believable version of it and the erratic Beast.
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Kattappava Kanom Review - Laughs hide the bland Search

Writer-Director Mani Seiyon’s strength is comedy and that too of the adult variety and he scores big in that department. Its also refreshing to see a film that breaks all conventions
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Nisabdham Review - Important Message Loud & Clear !

Director Michael Arun is a welcome addition to the new wave filmmakers who are well and truly taking Tamil Cinema to the next level.
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Kong: Skull Island Review - Return of the King

With a stunning visual extravaganza, a stellar cast and enough money to go for the kill, Kong wins on the beast's perspective but lets you down on the human touch.
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Motta Shiva Ketta Shiva Review - Mass & Masala overdose

The heavy dosage of mass and masala, the primitive screenplay, forced scenes with the disabled to milk the audience sentiments and uninspiring storytelling may not work in its favour.
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Maanagaram Review - A Must Watch Engrossing Thriller

‘Maanagaram’ is a film that keeps the audience engrossed, right from the title card to end credits, as a clearly narrated hyperlink thriller with multiple characters intersecting with each other.
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Yaakkai Review - Good idea gone wrong again

In this digital age there is no dearth of interesting story ideas especially in the crime thriller genre.
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Mupparimanam Review - Banking on One unexpected twist

The good part of 'Mupparimaanam' comes too late and loses its value as everyone are tired with boredom by then.
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Kuttram 23 Review - An engaging medical thriller

Director Arivazhagan begins the film with a sperm finding its egg shown in graphics and ends it on a little girl and what happens in the middle is engaging with a lot happening and curiosity sustained...
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