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'ABCD' is doing extremely well even after 1st weekend: Madhura Sreedhar

Tuesday, May 21, 2019 • Telugu Comments

ABCD is doing extremely well even after 1st weekend: Madhura Sreedhar

Madhura Sreedhar, one of the producers of 'ABCD', is happy that the Mega hero's movie has passed the Monday test.  In this interview, he talks about what has worked for the movie, why he thinks LIVE updates are a mess, his future plans and more.  

'ABCD' has two key elements

I have produced about 10 movies and have always done movies that got interesting and contemporary ideas.  I was excited when I listened to the script of 'ABCD'.  It has got both media and politics in it.  This is an era where some individuals are becoming overnight celebrities because of mass media and social media.  As for politics, voters are getting sold to cash-rich parties that pay us Rs 2000 per vote.  'ABCD' touches upon these two elements.  

Similarities are feeble

Comparisons with 'Pilla Zamindar' have been made but 'ABCD' deals with a different point.  There have been so many stories in which the father makes his son go through a difficult test.  The similarity is very limited.  Criticisms are a part of this profession.  Filmmakers have to learn from mistakes, if any, and move forward.  

Doing extremely well at BO

The audiences are loving 'ABCD'.  We have passed the Monday test and that's why I am meeting the press on Tuesday.  Otherwise, I wouldn't have made these claims.  

The collections are very good.  Monday's collections were highly impressive.  People are enjoying it.  The audience had been waiting for a fun movie this summer and 'ABCD' came as one.  The song 'Mella Mellaga' and the trailer had created adequate pre-release buzz.  The song has clocked 50 million views in all the platforms combined.  

Difficult to do remakes

Remakes are not easy.  They are quite tough.  The Malayalam original of this movie was made keeping their nativity in view.  In Telugu, you need a strong conflict point and it took a lot of effort.  We took advice from Pavan Sadineni, Krishna Chaitanya, etc.  The climax was changed (compared to the original, in which the hero goes back to America).  

That's why Sirish

I liked Allu Sirish's comic timing in 'Srirasthu Subhamasthu'.  He grasps things quite fast, as he is a very intelligent person.  I felt he would understand the script of 'ABCD'.  

Being a producer & director

After 'Back Bench Student', I have not found anything exciting to direct.  I have a couple of ideas ready but I am waiting for something exciting.  Till then, I will wait.  I want to become someone like Karan Johar who directs just one more every 5 years.  In the meantime, he produces movies.  That's how I want to be.  As a producer, I keep stock of everything during the making although I don't go to sets.  I keep track of every scene being at the office itself.  

Comedian Bharath is special

Bharath will go to the next level after this movie.  He will become a male lead one day.  He too wants to become a hero.  He shot for 'ABCD' for 70 days but never ever looked at the monitor even once.  He has a great future ahead.  We had Vennela Kishore in mind before Bharath.  But we felt he might look older than the hero and dropped the idea.  

Critics don't get it

You go and watch 'ABCD' with the audience in multiplexes and single screens.  You observe how the audience are laughing for every small joke in the movie. Bharat and Vennela Kishore's tracks are getting a superb response. Critics watch movies with a certain bent of mind, which may be why they have different views.  A film critic evaluates a piece of art and that makes his or her job a divine job.  As such, there should be no hurry in evaluating art.  It doesn't make sense to write LIVE updates, which are unique to Tollywood media.  A review has to be penned after taking adequate time to reflect upon the content.  Why pen reviews in such a hurry?  

'Dorasani' is getting ready

Our next film is 'Dorasani'.  We are introducing Anand Deverakonda, younger brother of Vijay Deverakonda, as the hero.  Shivatmika, Rajasekhar garu's daughter, is the heroine.  I must say that Shivatmika has proved to be an amazing choice.  Only she could have done the role.  It's a Telangana-based love story that is set in 1980s.  Mahendra, a debutant, is the director.  The entire shoot is over and the film is in the post-production phase.  The First Look will be out this Saturday.  We are planning to release it on July 5.  

OTT is the future

I am planning a web series.  By 2022, the OTT market will be Rs 35,000 Cr or thereabouts.  That's the huge potential of digital media.  The future is OTT.  All filmmakers will turn to this in the future.  Production houses will definitely need to produce content for the digital domain. 

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