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Vijay helped me improve acting basics: Priyanka Jawalkar

Tuesday, November 13, 2018 • Telugu Comments

Vijay helped me improve acting basics: Priyanka JawalkarPriyanka Jawalkar readies for the release of her debut movie 'Taxiwaala' on November 17.  In this interview, she talks about the movie, working with Vijay Deverakonda, her background and more.  

How did you start out? What's your background?

I have a Computer Science background.  In Hyderabad, I did a diploma in fashion.  I did a short-film then.  I took a year's break to find out what to do next.  I gave my GRE TOEFL later with the aim of doing data analytics.  I scored well in the second attempt.  I did a statistics course at Harvard for eight months.  Acting has always been in my mind since childhood.  But I couldn't tell it to people fearing a backlash.  When I was in the US, many Telugus recognized me as the actress of my first short film, 'Possessiveness'.  

I am debuting with 'Taxiwaala'.  I was born into a Marathi family.  But I know Telugu fluently.  My family members are happy that I have made it as a heroine hailing from Anantapur.  People are messaging me on Instagram and am happy with the response.  I trained myself under Bikshu garu and his wife Aruna garu as an actor.  I sent my profile to Geetha Arts, which considered me for three projects and finalized me for this project.  

Did you have any experience with acting before this movie?

I did a short film five years ago.  It went viral.  I was doing Engineering final year when I got a message on Facebook from a production house.  Raj Tarun and Chandini Chowdhary worked with them previously.  And I embraced the opportunity.

How was it working with Vijay Deverakonda?

Vijay is a cool co-star.  He is a very good performer.  My acting basics became stronger thanks to him.  He would enact for me and help me out if I was clueless.  I now know how many times one should analyze a scene, do practice etc before going to sets.  

What's your character in the movie?

She meets the hero, a taxi driver, during one of the rides.  That's how her journey starts with him.  

It seems you don't have much role.  Isn't it?

I grabbed the opportunity without worrying about anything..  It's the first film, after all.  I told my parents about the 'Taxiwaala' offer a few weeks after I started shooting for it.  It's because I thought I might be sacked anytime.  

How was it working with director Rahul Sankrityan?

I was a victim of his perfection.  He wants even a head-turn to be perfect.  He prepares his actors well.  

Do you think there are not too many Telugu girls in movies?

Art is art.  It knows no language barriers.  Regardless of the linguistic background of the actress, her performance should be good.  That said, it will be great if more and more Telugu girls get to do Telugu movies.  It's not easy to settle down here and learn the language.  I don't know how my journey is going to be like.

'Taxiwaala' took two years to be made.  Why didn't you do other movies in the meantime?  

Although I have got some film offers recently, they were not up to the mark.  Maybe, I will get the right offers after directors watch 'Taxiwaala'.  If people like my acting and movie, it's more than enough.  I am not angling for big films.  At times, I regretted and felt that I should have stuck to academics.  But once 'Taxiwaala' becomes a hit, I will definitely think that this is what I always wanted.

Finally, you said you have been crushing on Allu Arjun.  When it start?

It was after meeting him (during a look-test at Geetha Arts office two years ago) that I started crushing on him.  I felt nice sharing the stage with him the other day, but I want to share the screen space with him.