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Zayn Malik Reveals Life Secrets
Tuesday, July 11, 2017 • Hindi Comments

Zayn Malik, the Mind of Mine singer is quite good handling life. He is a full-time singer, artist, writer, clothing-designer, a boyfriend, a son and a personality that this generation looks up to.

It must be hard to balance both life and work for someone who has so many responsibilities, but not for Zayn Malik.

In a latest interview, Zayn Malik reveals some of the secrets of balancing life and work.

He says “I enjoy chilling with my girlfriend, but just as anybody else I also enjoy work and I love what I do.”

He continued “My girlfriend is a part of my life and so is music, so it’s just finding that balance, just as everyone does, between work, your love life, and family life.”

When asked how he knows the difference between an opportunist that comes his way and a genuine human, he says “I think that’s just an everyday life skill. If you can judge people and you’re a good people person, I feel like you can determine who them people are that you want to have hanging around or be in that inner circle”

Zayn adds “I just try to judge people based on their actions and the experiences that I have with them, just as you can with anybody. I guess that’s the only way you can be.”

In another interview he was asked how is he managing his time being back and forth from London to L.A, he explains

“I spend some time in London from time to time, but I spend the majority of my time in LA – I’ve got a place in LA. I’m just in New York at the minute because I’m seeing my girlfriend” he gushed referring to his girlfriend Gigi Hadid.

“It’s not necessarily why I spend my time here, for the sound; I just spend time here because I have my girlfriend here and a lot of work is here” he adds.

“My life is here now, pretty much” he concludes.

Awe! That is just adorable! Well, these statements should put an end to the break rumors by opening up!


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